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When to get a GST Registration

When to get a GST Registration

When to get a GST Registration?
GST registration is mandatory for individuals and entities delivering goods or services in India. GST registration is obligatory when the aggregate worth of supply surpasses Rs.20 lakh. To create tax filing simpler, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) eased the GST registration procedure.
If an entity runs in a special category state, registration is required if the entity's annual revenue reaches Rs.10 lakh. Let us examine the qualifying requirements for GST registration in this post.

Additionally, the page discusses the needed paperwork and the online GST registration process.
What are the GST Registration Eligibility Requirements?

Aggregate Turnover
Any service provider providing aggregated services that exceed more than Rs. 20 lakhs in a fiscal year is obliged to register for GST. This maximum is Rs. 10 lakhs in special category states. Any entity involved in the sole supply of products with aggregate annual revenue of more than Rs.40 lakhs is needed to register for GST.

Inter-state Business
A business must register for GST if it supplies products interstate, that is, from a state to the other, regardless of its aggregate revenue. Interstate service providers only need to register for GST if their yearly revenue exceeds Rs. 20 lakh. (In states classified as a special category, this maximum is Rs. 10 lakhs).

Platform for E-commerce
Individuals who provide products or services via an e-commerce platform must register for GST. Individuals must register regardless of their annual revenue. As a result, vendors on Amazon, Flipkart, or any other e-commerce platform is obliged to register before initiating activities.

Casual Taxable Individuals
Individuals who sell products or services occasionally or irregularly through a temporary stand or store are obliged to register for GST. The person should apply regardless of the overall yearly revenue.

Registration on a voluntary basis
Any entity may voluntarily register for GST. Previously, any entity that voluntarily registered for GST was not able to abandon the GST Number, not before a year. However, following changes, the applicant may cancel the voluntary GST registration at any time.

Types of GST Registration
Registration Is Required

In some circumstances, regardless of the dealer's annual revenue, the dealer must get Mandatory Registration under GST. For instance, interstate commerce in taxable commodities, e-commerce operators, e-commerce sellers, and so on.

Registration on a voluntary basis
A business that is not required to register can register on a voluntary basis. Under GST, this is referred to as Voluntary Registration.

Composition Scheme

If the dealer's aggregate turnover is greater than Rs.40 lacs (Rs.20 lacs applicable for states of special category) for goods or Rs.20 lacs (Rs.10 lacs for states of special category) for services but lower than Rs.1.5 crore (Rs.75 crore for the states that come under special category), the dealer may enrol under the Composition Scheme.

In the event of services, a dealer may register under the Composition Scheme if his aggregate revenue exceeds Rs.20 lacs (Rs.10 lacs in special category states) but is lower than Rs.50 lacs. The taxpayer is required to pay GST at a predetermined rate on turnover under this plan, and compliance requirements are less stringent than under standard registration.

Registration is not required
The below-mentioned categories of individuals are exempted from GST registration requirements:

The business whose aggregate revenue for the fiscal year does not surpass Rs.40 lacs in the case of products (Rs.20 lacs in the case of special category states) or Rs.20 lacs in the case of services (Rs.10 lacs for special category states).

The type of business that is not subject to obligatory registration.
Individuals who sell products or services that are either GST exempt or not subject to GST.

Agriculturists are responsible for the supply of crops grown on cultivated land.

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