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Financial Statement Analysis

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Financial Statement Analysis
Financial statement analysis is the process of analyzing all the financial statements of a business or company. This revision process of all concerned documents makes it easier to understand the financial condition of the company.
This information is meant for senior management and the board of directors and is crucial for the decision-making process. For external stakeholders, this statement helps to understand the overall financial health and performance of the company.
Although the complete process of monitoring and reporting investments may sound complex, it is essential for the stability of the business. Understanding the investments made would help your company secure potential opportunities and spend money effectively.

What is the process of the financial statement analysis?
The process for preparing financial statement analysis involves 3 types of analysis. They are vertical analysis, horizontal analysis, and ratio analysis. Trend analysis is another type of analyzing process that explores the indications of the direction in which a company is headed. 
There are 3 main statements included in the financial statement analysis. All these statements are interrelated and together provide multiple perspectives of a company’s activities and performance.
Balance sheet: The balance sheet helps to evaluate the operational efficiency of the business. It includes information about the assets that the company controls, its liabilities, and shareholder’s equities. 
Income statement: The income statement presents the financial results or the revenue generated over a certain period. For greater clarity, this statement is divided into 3 parts. Firstly, the revenue generated and costs behind the profit. Indirect expenses behind the operating costs form the second part. The third section is all about the net profit. 
Cash-flow statement: This statement provides an overview of the financial transactions. It presents all the information about the cash flow from operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities in the company.

Our Service
With our service, you can maximize the return on investment(ROI) for your business. At Careful Counting, we have a team of dedicated analysts, who are well experienced in financial statement analysis. We offer premium quality financial statement analysis service at competitive pricing. Our fast and accurate data analysis service will enhance your decision-making process and help you achieve your goals.

What sets us apart from the rest?
Competitive pricing: Requirements vary for businesses and, to meet their needs, we have various packages. The customized packages at competitive pricing set us apart from other service providers.
Confidentiality: We value your privacy and therefore have implemented high-level security protocols to prevent any data breach. With all security measures in place, rest assured all your data is safe with us.
Skilled experts: Our team of talented individuals holds years of experience in the finance and accounts industry. They have worked with a wide variety of organizations and have mastered the skill of preparing financial statements with perfect accuracy. 
Fast and efficient: We work with highly skilled industry experts that enable us to provide you a timely service. The use of software and other tools ensures a complete error-free service.

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