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PF Registration

Legal Features

PF Registration

PF registration is compulsory for a corporation if the number of employees is over 20. The registration may be acquired voluntarily also if the number of employees is below 20.

At Careful Counting, our committed team will support you to register your company under the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). The registration of a company under the provident fund organisation becomes compulsory as soon as the total number of employees in the organisation reaches 20. Not only permanent employees but also who are hired on the contract basis counted.

You should be very cautious in deciding your company’s eligibility for PF registration. The company is required to submit the application for the EPFO registration within 30 days of reaching the door limit of 20.

Being the best for providing PF registration in Noida, at Careful Counting, we assist you to determine the coverage and applicability of the PF and file an application for PF registration in your favour to the PF office, draft every document and perform follow-up with the department for issuance of the registration number of the corporation.

Eligibility Criterion for PF Registration

Registration under EPF is mandatory for you: -

  • If your company is engaged in the sector employing 20 or more employees
  • If your company had 20 or more employees in the previous financial year.
  • If any of your employees is getting below Rs. 15,000/month.

Why is mandatory and voluntary pf registration?

Provident fund (PF) is a social security scheme possessing the government guarantee to its members. The provisions of the PF Act designates to the incorporation on the basis of employees’ number.

Registration with the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is compulsory for enterprises engaging 20 or more employees in their function. Although, it can also be attained on a voluntary basis by consent of the organisation’s employees.

PF Registration Procedure

Documentation and Digital Signature

Scanning and uploading the documents in the specified DPI is the foremost step which is followed then with DSC making under Class II for the director/partner since the application is filed online.

Incorporation Registration

The employer profile is built at the EPFO portal, this procedure also includes verification of contact information with OTP.

This procedure also engages PAN verification of the incorporation. DSC Registration of AR on EPFO portal post the incorporation profile is confirmed and active, straight after, the DSC of the director/AR registered on the EPFO portal has to be attained, and java must be properly structured for DSC registration.

PF application filing

The final thing has to be done in the PF registration process is filing the application for PF Registration. The applicant is hoped to fill the details properly and must divulge all the details. After the approval, the PF number is allocated.

Why pick Careful Counting for PF registration?

Any delay in PF registration can lead to a penalty and we must guess, you don’t want to be penalized. Being prominent in PF registration in Delhi, at Careful Counting, we ensure to render the smooth, fast and proper solution when it comes to letting an enterprise attain its PF registration being hassle-free. Undoubtedly, contact now to relish the optimal service for PF registration or any sort of other registrations.

Minimum Requirements

  • EPF registration is mandatory for all establishments which is a factory engaged in any industry having 20 or more persons.
  • The employer must obtain the registration within 1 month of attaining the strength, failing which penalties will be applicable. A registered establishment continues to be under the purview of the Act even if the employee strength falls below the required minimum.
  • Central Government may apply the provisions to any establishment employing less than 20 employees after giving not less than two months’ notice for compulsory registration

Basic Documents

Establishment details:

  • Name of the establishment
  • Address of the establishment
  • Incorporation Date of the establishment
  • PAN
  • Type of establishment
  • If the establishment is a factory then Factory Details like Factory License Number , Date of License & Place of issue of license to be provided.
  • If the establishment is an MSME then MSME registration details to be provided.
  • Employee Details ( Employee strength, Total wages, Type of activities, Gender) to be provided.
  • Bank Details

For Director / Proprietor/ Partner

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Voter card
  • Email ID (unique).
  • Mobile No (unique)
  • Latest Passport size Photo


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