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GST Registration

Legal Features

Get Your GSTIN Today From Careful Counting

Since July 1, 2017, Goods & Services Tax (GST) replaced several Central and State level indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Central Excise, etc.

Companies that are registered under VAT or Service Tax are required to shift to GST according to the enrolment plan of State Governments.

GST registration is compulsory for all the businesses engaged in the supply of any kind of goods or services or both & the annual turnover surpassing Rs.10 lakhs/year in north-eastern & hill states, whereas the limit for rest of India is Rs.20 lakhs.

Unregistered people won’t get a permit to charge GST from consumers or claim ITC and if they do so, they’ll be penalized.

In addition to this criterion of turnover, the GST Act renders several other categories where registration is obligatorily needed, for instance, supply under RCM, e-commerce aggregator, etc. regardless of their turnover.

It should be emphasized that GST registration must be applied within 30 days from the date becoming legally responsible for registration.

The Experts at Careful Counting will lead you on the applicability and conformities under GST for your business.

We help you completely in the procedural formalities to get registered & obtain your Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

Careful Counting helps you acquire GST registration in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram India. The average time taken to acquire GST registration is about 5 to 7 working days, put through government processing time & client document submission.

How Obtaining GSTIN Benefits You?

  • Legal recognition for the supplier of goods and services.
  • Pay minimal tax than before.
  • Lower tax rates for micro business owners.
  • Take the input tax credit.
  • Make interstate sales without any restrictions.
  • Eligible to avail several other benefits and entitlements offered under GST laws.

Why Choose Careful Counting For GST Registration?

We, at Careful Counting, are furnished to render you qualitative value-added services through the whole procedure of GST registration. Our highly expert and dedicated team is available to offer complete services to you as per your needs and clear your questions.

Looking for best GST consultant in Noida? Let your search end here since you are already landed on the best. For further assistance, feel free to get in touch with us now.

Following Person Need to be Registered Under GST:

  • Business entity supplying of Goods having turnover exceeding more than 40 lakhs (However in special state threshold limit is 10 lakh) in a financial year required to get registered under GST
  • Business entity supplying of Services having turnover exceeding more than 20 lakhs (However in special state threshold limit is 10 lakh) in a financial year required to get registered under GST
  • Casual Taxable person/ Input service Distributer
  • Inter- state Supplier of Goods/ services
  • Supply of Goods/ Service through E- Commerce
  • TDS/ TCS Deductor

Basic Documents

For Proprietorship Business

  • Business registration Document/ Trade Name if any
  • PAN Card of Proprietor
  • Passport/Voter id/Driving license/ Aadhar card of Proprietor
  • Rent Agreement / Property Tax Receipt/Sale Deed of Business Address
  • Electricity Bill (not older than 2 months) of said property
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)/Consent Letter of Owner
  • Coloured Photo of Proprietor
  • Authorisation letter (if authorised signatory different from owner than Pan Card, Aadhar card & Coloured photograph of Authorised Signatory Required)
  • Bank Account Statement/ Cancelled cheque
  • Name of Goods/Services (Top 5), if possible HSN code
  • Email id
  • Mobile No.

Private Limited/ LLP/ Partnership Firm

  • Business registration Document if any (like Certificate of Incarnation/ Partnership deed)
  • Trade Name Like a company/LLP/ Partnership Firm
  • Copy of PAN card of Company/Firm
  • PAN Card of Directors/ Partner
  • Passport/Voter id/Driving license/ Aadhar card of Directors/ Partner
  • Coloured Photo of Directors/ Partner
  • Rent Agreement / Lease Deed of Registered office
  • Electricity Bill of Registered office
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)/Consent Letter by Owner of Property
  • Bank Account Statement/ Cancelled cheque
  • Name of Goods/Services (Top 5), if possible HSN code
  • Email id of all the Director/partner
  • Mobile No of all the Director/partner


E-Verification On Aadhar Card is Mandatory of Authorised Director/Partner/ Proprietor (Aadhar card is mandatory of all Director/Partner/ Proprietor)

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