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CMA data

Legal Features

CMA Data

  • Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data or CMA data is the financial report of the company showing the past and projected performance of the business.
  • Banks or similar lending institutions require this report to analyze the financial condition of a company before approving loans for business expansion or for increasing the credit limit of the operations. 
  • When your company applies for any loan, banking and financial institutions ask for the CMA data to understand the flow and usage of funds in the company.
  • A professionally prepared CMA data report boosts your company’s chances of obtaining the required loans.

What is included in CMA data?
CMA data represents the financial health of your company. Banking and other lending institutions use this data to evaluate your company’s eligibility for the requested funds. The CMA data is required every time you want to renew or increase your existing loans.

Here are the statements included in a CMA report:

?         Details about the present and proposed limits and their usage.
?         Operating statement or the Profit and Loss statement representing the performance 

            of the company     

. ?         Balance sheet showing the financial position of the company.
?         Working capital report providing a comparative analysis of current assets and

?         Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) statement.
?         Fund flow statement that shows the usage of funds in the company.
?         Ratio analysis for banks to understand the company better.

Why should you opt for a CMA data service?
If you are looking for CMA data preparation experts, outsourcing CMA data service is the best approach. CMA data preparation services have highly experienced and dedicated professionals to get your work done and they can also benefit you in many other ways.

Benefits of outsourced CMA data service:
Affordable pricing: Our competitive pricing and service packages sets us apart in the industry. Every company is different and has a varying level of complexity. To accommodate this wide range, we have various packages and flexible pricing offering the same high-level quality.
CMA experts: To offer you a premium quality service, we have highly skilled and experienced CMA data preparation experts on board. Our experts are well-versed with the latest technologies to prepare your report in the best way.
Data security: We value your privacy and, rest assured all your data is safe, is with us. We strictly follow data security protocols and have implemented safeguards to protect your privacy and data. 
Impeccable accuracy: By using the latest software and technologies, we ensure your CMA data is flawless. The combination of our skilled professionals and the latest software enables us to provide you with a high-quality service.
Get the Best CMA Data Service for your company/business
We, at Careful Counting, are all about providing you with the best available service for preparing your CMA data.

Our highly professional team is well-experienced in creating CMA data reports for your company. All the reports are produced meticulously with several rounds of checks and scrutiny to avoid any errors.

We fully understand the importance of a CMA report for your company and, therefore, we make sure everything is in place. Our experts highlight the potential of your company or business in the CMA data to get your loans sanctioned.

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