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Loan Documentation

Legal Features

Loan Documentation
Many companies require loans to jumpstart the business, manage the cash flow, upgrade equipment, or general business expansion. However, getting a loan sanctioned seems to be the hard part. It is because of the extensive documentation process where errors usually show up.
Proper documentation is mandatory for getting a loan. Any banking or lending institution will ask for a set of documents that will help them understand the financial condition of the business or company better. Without proper documentation in place, no bank or lending institution would sanction or process the loan. 
Information like personal background, business plan, credit reports of the business, tax returns, financial statements, bank statements are usually required for getting a loan. In addition to this, legal documents like business license registrations, business contract copies, franchise agreements, commercial leases, and more are needful depending upon the type of business and the loan you want. Properly organized documents with comprehensible details will get your loan sanctioned smoothly.

Why opt for a loan documentation service?
Loan documentation is a tedious process. It is labor-intensive as well as time-consuming for both borrower, lender, and any other party linked to the transaction. For any business with limited in-house accounting staff, it is best to outsource your loan documentation process. Outsourced services have well-experienced professionals who can complete this process expeditiously. Not only this would save time but also enable you to focus on the main business activities. 

3 key reasons for you to opt for an outsourced loan documentation service:
Faster and reliable: We have simplified our processes and made them faster using various cutting-edge software and tools. All these automation tools have helped us reach zero-error status and thereby guaranteeing client satisfaction.
Industry expertise: Our team members are highly skilled and have years of experience working in the industry. They know the process thoroughly and can accomplish the tasks effortlessly.
Cost-efficient customized service: We understand that every client is different and so are their requirements. Our service packages are aimed to provide you with a cost-efficient solution tailored to your needs.

Get the best loan documentation service for your business/company
Loans are an essential part of businesses. They assist in business growth and help reach new milestones. To save you from the hassle of the complicated documentation process, we, at Careful counting, are here to provide you with experts who can work on this and make things easier for you.
With all the tools and latest technology to assist our experts, our loan documentation service takes the burden right off your shoulders. The highly skilled professionals will go through all the documents provided by you as per requirements and prepare an error-free final report ready to get you the loan you need.
We are well-experienced in handling all critical and sensitive documents. Our fast and efficient service speaks for itself. We have worked with numerous clients and strive for nothing less than complete satisfaction. So, rest assured you are in good hands.
Check the requirements and provide us with the necessary documents to get started.

Minimum Requirments

  • Application form duly filled by the borrower, Co-borrowers (if applicable) and submitted along with 2 photographs each
  • Proof of identity (Photocopies of PAN/Passport/Driver’s License, Voter ID card)
  • Proof of Residence (photocopies of recent Telephone Bills/ Electricity Bill/Property tax receipt/ Passport/ Voters ID card)
  • Statement of Bank accounts for the last 12 months held by the applicant/s
  • Personal asset liability statement in the Bank’s standard format

Basic Documents

Books of Accounts

  • PAN card/Pan Number
  • Tax payment challans (Self-assessment, advance tax, if you have deposited the same
  • TDS Deduction Sheet with all deductee details as like PAN, Name, Date of Payment, Amount Credited, etc.
  • All Bank account information

Other Documents

  • For TDS deducted in Apri to February: 7the Day of Next Month of deduction of month
  • For TDS deducted in March: 30th April


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