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Trademark Registration

Legal Features

Trademark Registration Online in India

A trademark refers to as a unique identity that uplifts your product or service to stand out from others. It is a unique legal identification that can be a taken for a logo, word, sound, smell, photograph, slogan, colour combination or graphics.

A major segment of the businesses typically seeks registration of just logo or name. However, if you possess any exclusive notion or logo, then the only method to safeguard it as your own unique identity is to give it a trademark registration.

A registered trademark stands out as an intellectual asset or intangible asset of your organisation. It acts as a defensive coat of the company’s investment performed in the logo or brand.

The registration renders the right to prosecute against those who attempt to copy your trademark. Also, nobody can use the same trademark that is registered by any other person.

Once you attain the trademark registration, you can use the R symbol with it which remains valid till 10 years since the day you register it.

What can be trademarked and who can apply for it?

As per the trademark laws in India, matters such as phrases, images, colours, sound, logo, words, symbols, initials or a blend of all of these can be trademarked. It is recommended that you should get the trademark for all of these so that your business identity can stand out from the rest.

If you are a private firm, an individual, or run a company, LLP or NGO, you are eligible to apply for the trademark for such items aforementioned. In the event of an NGO, LLP or company, the trademark registration should be applied in the name of the involved business.

Benefits of having a trademark registration in India

Great Business Opportunities

If you sell a product or service under a registered trademark, it helps you in accumulating faith, trustworthiness, standard, and goodwill in customers’ minds.

Trademark provides you with an exclusive identity in contrast with other sellers particularly when you sell it on digital platforms such as on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

A Legal Security

In the event, if you’ve registered your logo, business name, slogan, etc. and doubt that someone is copying your trademark, you can adopt the issue in a legal way and prosecute him/her.

Obtain Your Unique identification

Consumers can easily recognize a particular product or service with the brand. Registering a trademark makes sure that contenders won’t use it and thereby it continues as an intellectual and unique property of the company.

A Property

The trademark is a precious asset to any brand if the brand builds a name in the market and accomplishes a success. Furthermore, the brand can contract, sell and distribute franchise in a commercial way.

Universal filing of Trademark

One of the core benefits that you can get from the trademark registration is that even an Indian registered and filed trademark can be filed in overseas too. Similarly, foreigners can also attain a trademark registration in India.

Why Careful Counting for Trademark Registration?

  • Careful Counting conduct full study related to your TM availability from the Government.
  • Authorization letter is made ready from our side for the purpose of filing the Trademark registration in your favour.
  • Careful Counting offers the optimal services to ensure that you don’t face any obligation when it comes to filing Trademark.
  • We guide you on the classes you have to apply under.
  • At Careful Counting, we offer full assistance related to form fill up with the Registrar.
  • You’ll be receiving updates consistently from our side till the registration is finished.
  • We ensure to safeguard your brand whether it deals in products or services. Contact now!


  • The trademark must be applied for under the actual owner's name. The owner of the trademark is the person who controls the nature and the quality of the goods sold or the services rendered under the trademark.
  • The owner can be an individual. The owner can also be a partnership, corporation or association

Basic Documents

For Business Entity

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration Certificate
  • PAN of Entity
  • Email ID and Mobile number
  • Registered office of Entity
  • Brief about Trademark
  • Board Resolution (only for company)
  • Logo of the Entity(for registration of trademark)
  • Power of Attorney

For Trademark owner

  • PAN Card
  • Driving license/ Voter ID/ Passport Copy
  • Email ID (unique).
  • Mobile No. (unique).
  • Latest Passport size Photo


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