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DIN Surrender

Legal Features

What is DIN?

  • Any individual who holds the position of a director or partner in a company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) established in India must have a Director Identification Number (DNI).
  • In certain instances, a DIN is mistakenly obtained by companies for the director who already has one.
  • On this page, we'll look at how to surrender your DIN in the aforementioned situation.

Surrendering of the DIN

  • DIN is linked to the applicant's passport number or PAN, and any individual is only permitted to possess only one DIN as per the stipulated regulations.
  • Therefore, before seeking to obtain a DIN, the person should check the DIN directory to verify if he or she has been already assigned one.
  • The Government of India has also unified the registration procedure by checking through the PAN database to prevent applicants from registering twice.
  • However, a similar DIN may be created accidentally in exceptional situations.

 DIR-5 Form Filing Procedure

  • Anyone who wants to surrender his/her DIN can do so by filling out Form DIR-5 and submitting it to the MCA.
  • It is obligatory for the person surrendering the DIN to fill out Form DIR-5 with the below-mentioned information:
  1. DIN possessed by the person.
  2. The cause for the surrendering of the DIN.
  3. If the holder holds any DIN.
  4. The person’s number of DINs being surrendered.
  5. The person's digital signature surrendering DIN.
  6. In the below-mentioned circumstances, another related person can sign the DIR Form.
  • If the DIN possessor is no longer alive.
  • Has been pronounced bankrupt or has been declared a person of unsound mind by a competent court.

Documents Needed for DIN Surrender

  • It is obligatory for the applicant to submit the below-mentioned documents together with Form DIR-5 for surrendering of DIN.
  • Identity Proof: Passports, Aadhaar Cards, PAN Cards, Driving Licenses, and Voters Identity Cards are all acceptable forms of identity proof that are considered valid, and any one of them must be submitted by the applicant.
  • Address Proof: Election (voter identity) card, passport, ration card, energy bill, telephone bill, driving licence, or aadhaar card in the name of the applicant are all considered valid address proofs and any one must be submitted.

Kindly Note: Documents submitted by Indian applicants must be no more than two months old as of the eForm's submission date.
If the applicant is a foreign national, the address proof must be no more than one year old from the date of filing the eForm.

Professional's Digital Signature

  • Form DIR-5 must finally be signed by any of the following professional:
  1. Qualified Chartered Accountant working full-time.
  2.  Qualified Company Secretary working full-time.
  3. Qualified Cost Accountant working full-time.

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